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Glengarry Trails

Located in Alexandria, Ontario, Canada
—A Case Study

Full Disclosure

Jeff Poissant was one of twelve directors for Friends of Glengarry Trails Association for ten years, The Outreach Committee, 2006 to 2016. During his ten-year tenure, Jeff developed and created a brand for the FGTA by designing;

  • A new bilingual logo for the Friends of Glengarry Trails Association,
  • Writing promotional text for various projects,
  • Designing the topographical map (Before Google) highlighting the trails,
  • Designing and developing new letterheads, membership cards, newsletters, three-panel brochures,
  • Designing and printing nine “You are Here” outdoor signs placed at key junctions along the Glengarry Trails,
  • Designing highly visible road signs to direct visitors to the Glengarry Trails,
  • Designing promotional event flyers, posters, and advertisements,
  • Designing and developing information tourism signs along the Garry Fen Trail,
  • Organizing events such as Snowshoe day, The Fall Event, and various fundraisers,
  • Photographs were taken along the trails to highlight key features and at special events.

Of interest, some of the photos that were selected for the outdoor signs by the committee are from Jeff’s private collection.

Friends of Glengarry Trails Association

Explore the Trails of Glengarry, 15 kms of natural beauty are yours to share with family and friends and to enjoy all year round.

The Glengarry Trails system is located in the Garry River watershed just west of Alexandria, Ontario, and features both woodland and wetland areas. The Friends of Glengarry Trails Association is a group of volunteers who have built boardwalks, small bridges and interpretive signs. The Association also maintains the trails and provides information to promote the trails —all this is made possible through Memberships and donations to the Association.

The Garry Fen
The jewel of the Glengarry Trails. It’s a 3.6 KM walk through eight distinct ecological zones.

It all started in 2006

Jeff Poissant, RGD, began the work of transforming the Glengarry Trails into a marketable tourist attraction. The first of many projects was to create an identifiable brand. A new logo was designed for the Friends of Glengarry Trails, biligual to appeal to the French and English members of our community. New letterhead, membership cards, and membership forms were then designed and printed.

Topgraphical map of the Glengarry Trails

With the use of GPS, the trails were mapped out, distances were calculated, and a precise topographic map was developed in Adobe Illustrator by Evolving Media. The newly minted map was then used in the brochure, and the “You are here” outdoor signs located at trailheads and junction points along the trail system.

A brochure to promote the trails

In 2007, with the momentum of the new logo and stationery kit and after a few fundraisers to raise money. New full-colour, three-panel brochures were designed and printed by Jeff Poissant of Evolving Media to promote the Glengarry Trails and the Friends of Glengarry Trails Association.

The brochure included a new topographically correct trail map, international map symbols, trail identifiers with corresponding distances. A decision was also made to promote the Glengarry Trails as a four seasonal Trail system.

The brochures are still in use today with minor updates and an extra panel, now a four-panel brochure in its fourth reprint.

Glengarry Trails
“You Are Here” Outdoor Signs

A series of nine outdoor “You Are Here” directional signs were designed, developed, and printed by Evolving Media with the help of the Marc Legault Foundation who sponsored the printing of the signs.

This was a great move forward as these outdoor signs legitimized the tourism benefits of the Glengarry trails in Alexandria. Visitors to the trail system had a visual guide to walk the trails. These outdoor signs are now over ten years old, imagine!

Directional road signs

Directional road signs were designed and printed by Jeff Poissant, RGD of Evolving Media in 2010 and placed at the intersection points along County Road 43, County Road 45, and County 34 (Main Street) in North Glengarry Township, the town of Alexandria, Ontario.

Additional road signs were designed and printed in 2017 to promote parking at the Lochiel Street Trailhead.

Tourist Information Signs

Jeff Poissant designed and printed eight trail information signs, placed at various points along the Garry Fen Trail. The content was provided by the FGTA sign committee who had there work cut out for them. Fact checking and verifying all the scientific terms and descriptions which seemed like years.

For instance, were you aware that the Garry Fen is a unique geological feature in North America?

A trail member took the signs and mounted them onto great supports that will stand the test of time. Look for them along the Garry Fen Trail, part of the Glengarry Trails network.

Do you manage a trail system or an indoor track?
Are you interested in developing signage and promoting your venue?

Consider Evolving Media; we have over 24 years of experience in developing and designing information tourist signs and promotional products for nature trails. From taking professional photographs and video to writing and editing the content.

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