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From domain registration and eye-catching design to reliable hosting and maintenance services.

At Evolving Media & Design, we design and develop websites using open source standards to ensure that your site is accessible, responsive and meets accessibility regulations in Canada.

Whether you need a simple web presence or a multi-level e-commerce site. You’ll have the freedom to manage the content of your website yourself or have us handle it.

At Evolving Media you’ll receive maximum bandwidth allowing your site to breath, flex and grow, even as you control your costs.

Designed with Accessibility in mind


This category is far more than just designing for the disabled. It is about ensuring that someone can read your text, regardless of whether they're young, old, wear glasses, or have a prescription lens.A site should be easy to interact with and navigate.

An Investment

Colour blindness

Tested to ensure your site is legible for someone with colour blindness.

Open Source

It's your website; you should have the ability to choose where you want to host. Whether its with Evolvingmedia.com or another provider.


That BIG CITY agency feel in a small town design studio in Eastern Ontario with a quarter of a century of expertise.


Designed for all smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and computer monitors.

Team Focused

Teamwork is at the very foundation of what we do! By working together, we ensure a quality product.


At Evolving Media, we design and develop a website from scratch, thinking outside the box to differentiate your brand and your business. That doesn't mean you have too.

Food for thought

Desktop vs mobile
On-line research
Verify a website
Facebook users

Here is something to consider. In Canada, since our mobile data plans are the highest in the world, 58% of the population access the Internet from a desktop computer. For those who are brave enough, 29% of people access the Internet using a data plan on their mobile device. The remaining percentage of people access the internet using Wifi on their tablet.

It’s important to point out; as far as your web browser is concerned, there is no distinction between a desktop and a laptop/notebook computer.

Statistics show that 81% of people conduct their research online before deciding to make a purchase; price on its own is not a primary factor. If you have or are using social media accounts, what we find of interest, 67% of people will verify your company by visiting your website. What we’ve learnt from this statistic; You cannot rely on social media alone, you need to have a company website.

Finally, and we already knew this figure. Facebook dominates social media with 74% market share. A company has no choice; you must be on Facebook and play their game.

2019 Statistics provided by Statcounter.

A few examples of what we do

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