Designed an executive brochure for Building Technologies Inc. in Ottawa.

Professional, Commercial, and Industrial Photography
At Evolving Media we have provided photographic services to non-profits, government, businesses, and industry for more than a quarter century. Our photographs have been published locally, nationally and internationally in client projects, signage, brochures, trade journals, catalogues, and on various client websites throughout the years.

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Food Photography


Special Events

Dare to Inspire

Photographs help to communicate and add meaning to your product, your service, your business, and your industry. Professional photographs enhance the overall desired message and add impact to your project. Whether your project is destined for print, product displays, your website, or a promotional Ad campaign.

Evolving Media & Design Inc.® provides a full range of photographic services, including: On location or in-studio photo sessions for portraits, special events, grand openings, entertainment, lodging, residential, commercial, industrial, food and product photography. We work as a member of your team to ensure your project meets or exceeds your expectations.


Photo Editing and Retouching Services

The image on the left is of a damaged heirloom photo from the early 1800s. This photo is irreplaceable. The print was folded in half, causing board fibres to tear. Our task: to scan, repair, add missing elements, create a black and white image, and provide a hard copy photographic print of the photo and the retouched, repaired photo on a CD-ROM.

  • Creative manipulation of photographic elements
  • Colour correcting and enhancing photographs
  • Preparing images for offset press or electronic presentations
  • Restoring old or damaged photographs
  • Editing photographs due to divorce, death, etc.
  • Film scanning services (35mm, 120, 220, etc.)
  • Slide scanning services
  • Print and enlargement services


Executive Portraiture

Medical Science

Product Photography

Ingite the Senses