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My name is Jeff Poissant. I am a registered professional graphic designer, creative director, media specialist and owner of Evolving Media & Design Inc. I have an extensive background in delivering a comprehensive range of image-related and content derived services using different media delivery formats.  I have an enhanced reliability level security clearance and have developed a multidisciplinary skill-set over many years as a freelance designer, photographer, videographer, and web developer.

My approach to any project I take on is to listen very carefully to everyone who is involved, typically this means marketing teams, senior executives, volunteers, and anyone who has a say in the what and the why of getting a purposeful message out. My goal is to use that input to create “the how.” The deliverables are, usually, compelling social media content designed to maintain and grow a broad and deep social media community, either on-site or on-location. Matching what a client really wants with deliverables that really work is at the heart of all the projects I work on. Some have been a once-in-a-lifetime affair, though that doesn’t always mean “big.” As you will see from browsing through this site, I have delivered memorable projects to DND Directorate of History and Recognition, Health Canada, the Government of Canada, and Aliments Desautels Foods Inc. to name a few.  I have also delivered hundreds of smaller-scale projects to small independent businesses, including local marketing initiatives, projects requiring outdoor information signs, and new product releases involving international campaigns, and delivered in a variety of languages.

Collaboration and consultation drive the design process as I work directly with a team during every step of the creative process, from initial discussion to trial balloon concepts, before moving on to determining and developing the most suitable and effective final content. This includes producing early drafts of the artwork or the written content, then delivering the final product, everything from A to Z. As with any project, there is as much hand-holding as is required. Never too much and always reliable and always delivered with confidence. It’s the same approach if what you need is a brochure, a magazine, a catalogue or a website designed from scratch or the redesign and relaunch of an existing site.

It’s all about crafting the message, an objective, or specific content. It’s about collaboration, and it’s also about applying a whole cluster of creative skills.

I look forward to our first conversation about your needs.

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Senior Creative Director
and Media Specialist

Evolving Media Chronicles 2019 Edition Volume One Magazine Cover, Designed by Evolving Media & Design Inc.

I invite you to read our publication Evolving Media Chronicles. Our magazine celebrating almost a quarter of a century working with entrepreneurs, businesses, government and organizations of all sizes to promote products and services to international clientele.

Registered with ISSN Canada
ISSN 2562-5578 (Print)
ISSN 2562-5586 (Online)

Services Offered

Brand strategy
Your brand essence entails much more than your logo and slogan; it is the entire sum of what your company does, your core competency, and the experience your clients have with you. It is what determines whether your customers will become loyal and refer you to others, or forget about you.

Branding is the first impression your prospective client gets of your business from letterheads to business cards to outdoor signs to your website and social media.

Graphic Design
Since 1995, Evolving Media has been in the business of creating and projecting image with style. We create customized graphic design and multimedia products for marketing, sales and all forms of internal and external communications.

Our goal is to produce memorable, eye–catching imagery that will attract the audiences you seek. We carry out all your design and image work so that you can get on with your core business. We do this work with you, involving you in every phase of this creative and technical process, beginning with careful preplanning and realistic goal setting.

Content Development
Working with our professional writers, editors, photographers, and other content providers. Evolving Media can provide you with a full suite of content development services. These include everything from writing to final copy editing. As with our design work, Evolving Media provides you with the tools that you need to develop your business or complete your project.

A little planning goes a long way. Some call it a needs assessment. Others just call it planning. Evolving Media will consult with you to help you determine what your needs are, what your options might be, and what the best course of action might be for you right now. Many projects have several steps and phases to them. Each one begins with a conversation about what you really want and how Evolving Media & Design can help you get there, affordably and reliably.

Art Direction
Our commitment is to create effective design and communication products for you by working closely with you. Our approach is to help you identify and then serve your real needs. With Evolving Media & Design no project is too complex and no detail is too small. We have extensive experience in traditional and new and emerging media.

Photographs add meaning to your project and enhance the desired message. Evolving Media provides a full range of commercial and industrial photographic services including:
Photo illustrations, image editing, colour correction, restoring old or damaged photos, scanning and printing.

With the right ingredients and know-how, a professionally constructed, cinematic video, is a surefire way of enticing your potential client, to buy your products or services.

Don’t miss out on the opportunities!
No longer a luxury, video is a necessity, a real game changer. The frequency in which people are viewing and making decisions based on what they see and hear, while using their smart devices is increasing everyday.

It doesn’t have to be a big affair.

Offset Printing
Save money on printing costs and achieve that professional look. Whether you need business cards, banners, stationery, presentation kit folders, brochures, rack cards, posters, interior signs, or other print media, think Evolving Media & Design Inc.

You can provide your own artwork, or we can design your printed piece for you.

Graphic Design has been our core business since 1995.

Web Design
At Evolving Media we develop marketing portals (web sites) using open source standards. This ensures that your site is accessible, regardless of the operating system or web browser – yours or your own clients. We can also design web sites that are multi-level, secured, and database driven. This gives you the freedom to manage the content of your own website yourself.

Do you have an existing web site? You can host your services with us and receive maximum bandwidth, which allows your web site to grow, even as you control your costs.

Hosting Your Website
Evolving Media is at our core a design studio. We design for print, the Internet, and we provide hosting packages for non-profit organizations, and businesses alike. Our first website was developed in 1997, my how times have changed!

At Evolving Media, our goal is simple. To provide a wide range of high quality products and services to meet the demands and challenges of our clients. From the do-it-yourselfers, those of whom want to do everything themselves. To the client who after their site is launched would like to manage their own on-line presense. To the client who wants Evolving Media to take care of everything.

Evolving Media provides the tools, you are not locked in to any one solution, a real benefit.

Sell as many items as wish, promote your brand with your own personal domain name, and no third party advertising.