A Brand is a collection of parts that represent your company!
Whether you’re just starting or already in business and looking to make a change, branding is the root of who and what your company is.

Let’s simplify this further. If you open a business or an organization, you’ll likely give the enterprise a name. Before deciding on that name, you’ll certainly need to search the internet and conduct a NUANS search. And if the name you choose is available, you register it, making your business or organization an “individual” in terms of government regulation. That’s when you have created a new and very public entity.

The name you give your business is its identity, then the way you go about branding is how the company will appear to the public, how it introduces itself to existing and potential customers, how it interacts with clients, how it sets the tone, how it starts that important conversation. The brand is nothing less than the genetic makeup of your enterprise.

Now, consider the following. Your brand is more than just a company’s or organization’s logo. It’s the colours you choose, the signage within your business, your point-of purchase “POP” displays, your business cards, flyers, and brochures, your website, and especially: how you present yourself on social media. Your brand is also the type of packaging you choose to use, and even the kinds of packaging you don’t use, as environmentally sensitive people will certainly take note of these decisions.

In short, the brand is everything you do and is contained in all the messages you convey.

How is that for an eye-opener?

You’ve spent money developing your logo, possibly setting up a website, maybe you’re selling products. Is the look consistent across all media? Is there something missing?

Call Evolving Media now, let’s sit down, discuss and review your branding. Let’s see if there is something missing, let’s talk about how we can enhance your potential sales.

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