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An introduction to gain confidence, understanding the application, learning, improving teamwork,
to maintain your site.

The following video library is meant to provide a brief introduction to editing the pages and posts within your WordPress managed site using Elementor Pro. If you wish to have a more detailed explanation on how to do complete a task, please let us know by filling out the form below.


Learn the basics of how to use Elementor. Your site may make use of Elementor or Elementor Pro depending on your web hosting plan. The Pro version  offers more features and saves valuable time. When Evolving Media & Design develops a website, we do not use the provided templates in WordPress. We make use of a bare-bones basic template to hook into WordPress called Hello by Elementor. This provides flexibility and freedom to design your marketing portal the way you wish. Notwithstanding, you can still use the provided templates or purchase one from a third-party. The following videos are created by Elementor.

Important Note. When using WordPress, please decide which visual editor you prefer to use in advance, either WordPress Gutenberg or Elementor — You can not mix the two editors. If you choose to use Gutenberg to develop your site and then decide to use Elementor, your site will not work, and vice-versa.

Online Tutorials

One-on-one tutorials are available at an hourly rate at night or on Saturday. Ask for details, schedule a session on Zoom, or call us directly at 613-482-1159.