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Friends of
Summerstown Trails Association

Summerstown Trails

Friends of the Summerstown Trails, Inc. (FOTST) is a community-based non-profit corporation whose purpose is to maintain and develop green, recreational trails for healthy outdoor activities in the Summerstown Forest.

The trails extend through the Summerstown Forest owned by the United Counties of S. D.& G. and managed by staff from the South Nation Conservation Authority into adjacent Crown lands managed by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

FOTST invites anyone such as snowshoeing, hiking, birding, biking, and cross- country skiing to join FOTST. As an established non-profit community organization, FOTST is an effective liaison between green users of the forest and the governmental agencies responsible for this resource.

It all started in November 2009, Evolving Media was commissioned to design, create their branding, and print outdoor signs for the Friends of Summerstown Trails Association.

Jeff Poissant, RGD, worked with the newly formed, Friends of Summerstown Trails Association to design and print an outdoor sign. Before we could design the sign, we needed to design a new logo for the association, one that was representative of what the trails were.

Jeff designed a logo that truly emphasized the main reason why the association exists – to cross country ski during the winter season.

Evolving Media was commissioned to create a new outdoor sign to be installed by Summerstown Road.

The Friends of Summerstown Trails Association was, as I said, a newly formed organization. We designed a new bilingual logo for the organization, recreated the old mark for “Cross Country SKI de fond” and used topographical map symbols to highlight the main features of the trails.

This was the first of many projects to create an identifiable brand.

In November 2009, a topographical map was designed by Jeff Poissant, RGD, following International standards. The key purpose of the map was to be used in a sign to highlight the different trails, provide a simple legend, and indicate where the person was located on the trail.

Each trail sign was 4 x 3 ft and designed, printed and placed at key junction points on the Summerstown Trails.

New parking signs were designed and printed by Evolving Media in November 2009 and placed at various locations along the gravel road leading to the parking lot at the Summerstown Trails in Summerstown, Ontario.

This may seem simple, but parking signs leading people to the proper area was important. Especially in the winter, since the gravel road was really close to a swamp or marsh.

The last piece of the puzzel before the Summerstown Trails opened to the general public in 2010, was to design a full colour brochure. The brochure was placed at various Travel Bureaus, local schools, South Lancaster Municipal office, and other locations in the area to help promote the cross country ski trails.

Did you receive one?

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