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Evolving Media | Recreate an existing logo for Auberge Montebello. Company lost the original electronic files.

Auberge Montebello, Quebec

Our Assignment

  • To differentiate the Auberge Montebello from the competition in the immediate area by showcasing the best attributes of the business.
  • To make the Auberge Montebello a day-trip destination
  • To highlight other recreational activities in the area, such as the Montebello Marina or Parc Omega.
  • To encourage people to frequent the facilities.


In the fall season of 2009, Evolving Media & Design Inc. was commissioned to design a new bilingual brochure to promote the hotel in Montebello, Québec. The hotel was newly acquired, and the new owners had very little in promotional material. The objective was to develop a successful campaign, new photos of the Auberge were taken both inside the hotel and outside. The concept was to showcase what the Auberge Montebello has to offer, as compared to the local competition.


The owner hired an aerial photographer to take images of the hotel and surrounding property from the air, showcased above. Aerial drones were not available at the time. While Evolving Media photographed the hotel rooms and staged scenarios with willing staff and hotel guests. Model Release Forms were prepared and sent to the hotel in advance for participants to sign. A library of photos was created for use in any promotional material, both in print and online.

What was involved


Montebello is a small municipality located in the Papineau Regional County of Western Quebec, Canada. With a population of 1039 residents, the claim to fame is Rock Fest held on the grounds behind the Auberge Montebello. Located 1 hour from Montreal and Gatineau.

The challenge facing the Auberge Montebello is enticing visitors from outside the area to make the hotel their premier day-trip destination.

Our challenge, to create a reason for someone to drive here. The most transparent way to do so is with;

  • Skillfully written text, which was then translated by hotel staff in French,
  • Professional photos highlighting the best assets,
  • Promoting the hotel as a tourism destination,
  • Content is king


  • We designed and printed a four-panel, full-colour brochure.
  • Designed and host the website www.aubergemontebello.com

Content Gathering

Preparing content

Earlier we mentioned that the hotel was newly acquired and that the new owners had very little in promotional material. One of the creative elements we needed was the hotel’s company logo. All the new owners were given was a small JPEG file of the logo, no other version existed and the original designer was not available or could not be found.

We can not say how often this plays out. We gain a new client who hires us to design a new brochure, sales literature, or a new web site, and the client does not have the original artwork for their company logo. In order to save the client money, we basically recreated the existing logo as close as possible to the original in vector format.

Evolving Media | Recreate an existing logo for Auberge Montebello. Company lost the original electronic files.


Examples of photographs taken inside the Auberge Montebello for use in different projects we’ve worked on.

Photographs of Staged Scenarios

Meeting Rooms

Whether your a small to medium sized business or a large corporation, a non-profit organization or a sports team. Auberge Montebello in Québec has a veriety of Meeting and Banquet Halls to serve you.

In the following photos, its business as usual, as we set up a scene with two business people conducting a successful meeting; both parties were excited.

Training and Conference Centre

A department within Public Works Canada reserved a Banquet Hall at the Auberge Montebello to conduct training exercises. The owner of the hotel approached the guests, explained what we were doing, and asked if they would be willing to participate in a photo shoot to promote the hotel.

Model Release Forms were handed out, and those participants who agreed, took part in the photo session. Jeff Poissant, took a variety of photos that were used on the future website.

A Full Service Restaurant

In this scenario, Jeff Poissant, photographed staff portraying guests at the hotel ordering a lunch to go with their fine wine.

Today, the Auberge offers guests a continental breakfast and caters large groups.

A relaxing game of Chess

Hotel guests were enthusiastic while playing a game of Chess in the relaxing lounge area. This father, daughter, team were happy to participate, and signed a model release form. A positive ending to a memberable vacation.

If you look below. you will find other photographs that were taken.

The Results


Ten years ago Evolving Media was commissioned to design a four-panel, full-colour brochure to promote the hotel. We worked with the hotel staff to develop the content. This entailed taking professional photos of the hotels’ rooms, the lobby, the dinning area, the Executive suite, the pool and the conference rooms to showcase the best attributes the Auberge has to offer.

We also wrote the promotional text, which was then translated by the hotel staff to French for use in the brochure and the future website.

  • Aerial Photo by an Aerial photographer, we were never given a name, in Hawkesbury Ontario.
  • All Other photos by Jeff Poissant.

The brochure was updated and printed in 2012.

Evolving Media printed 5000 units on 100lb gloss text paper for quality, delivered directly to the Restaurant.

Hotel Website

Website to promote the Auberge Montebello

Evolving Media developed a bilingual website to promote the Auberge Montebello in 2009. The website was updated in 2012 and later redesigned and modernized in the Spring of 2014.

A lot of advancements have taken place since then.

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