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The Georgian House Restaurant & Day Spa
—A Case Study

Our Assignment

  • To differentiate the Georgian House Restaurant & Day Spa from the competition in the immediate area by showcasing the best attributes of the business.
  • To make the Georgian House Restaurant & Day Spa a day-trip destination
  • To highlight other recreational activities in the area, such as the Glengarry Trails.
  • To encourage people to frequent the facilities.


For more than eighteen years, Evolving Media & Design Inc. has been working with Heinz Kaswurm; owner of the Georgian House Restaurant & Day Spa, in Alexandria Ontario, to develop creative campaigns to promote his business.

Everything from advertisements placed in local media to Tourism Guides. From professional photographs of the restaurant to amazing meals served at lunchtime to the clients in the dining room as well as the spa and indoor pool.

The addition to the Georgian House Restaurant was completed in the year 2000. With the extension came new services and an updated name for the restaurant, Georgian House Restaurant & Day Spa. Our first project was the design and printing of a four-panel, full-colour brochure to promote the Spa. Then we designed, developed, and hosted a promotional website. That same year we introduced business cards, outdoor signs, and posters for upcoming events.
“We were instrumental in creating the promotional tagline “Something Special for You Everyday” along with other promotional text written for various events.”

In 2008, the site saw a modern update, by that year’s standards, to include new services and highlight a new menu.

Now eleven years later, in 2019, the website is still attracting visitors for the Georgian House Restaurant & Day Spa who reserve an evening through the website.

To see some of the promotional items Evolving Media & Design has had the pleasure to work on, continue reading below.

Content Gathering

Over the years, we have taken many photos at the Georgian House Restaurant & Day Spa to be used within different projects we’ve worked on.

What was involved


Alexandria is a small community in Eastern Ontario, a population of 3200 people, with many restaurants. Located 45 minutes from Montreal, 40 minutes from Cornwall, and 60 minutes from Ottawa.

The challenge facing the Georgian House Restaurant & Day Spa, a refined culinary experience, nestled in a small town. is enticing visitors from outside the area to make the restaurant and day spa their premier day-trip destination.

Our challenge, to create a reason for someone to drive here. The most transparent way to do so is with;

  • Skillfully written text, professional photos highlighting the best assets,
  • Customer testimonials from outside the region,
  • Promoting the restaurant and Spa as a tourism destination.
  • Content is king.


  • We designed and printed a four-panel, full-colour brochure then distributed it to all of the tourism outlets in relevant zones.
  • New business cards were designed with an appointment feature to entice returning clients.
  • New outdoor signs were created to attract attention to the restaurant.
  • A updated website was launched in 2010

Promotional Items

In the year 2000, Evolving Media & Design Inc. was commissioned to design a four-panel, full-colour brochure to promote the Georgian House Restaurant & Day Spa. We worked in conjunction with Heinz Kaswurm, Master Chef, to develop the content. This entailed taking professional photos of lunch items, an area where Heinz wanted to increase traffic for the Spa, the pool and the outdoor sauna.

Evolving Media commissioned Kevin Burns of Seven Stories in Ottawa to proofread and edit the text for the brochure.

Original Oil Painting by Deborah Kerr.
Photo of Woman on front cover by Getty Images.
All Other photos by Jeff Poissant.

The brochure has been updated and printed four other times over the years. The next version should be printed this year in 2019.

Outdoor Sandwich Sign

Evolving Media was commissioned to design and print a full-colour, outdoor, two-panel, single-sided A-Frame Sign (24 inches x 48 inches), to be placed at the edge of the restaurants parking lot to attract attention from passing motorists. “The first sign that promoted the Spa did so well that someone ran over it.

Original photograph by Jeff Poissant,
Food Stylist Heinz Kaswurm, owner of the Georgian House Restaurant

Restaurant Website

Evolving Media was commissioned to develop a website in early 2000 to promote the Georgian House Restaurant & Day Spa. Key features were a reservation page, Restaurant Menus, an Events page, and a portal for the Spa.

The website had an upgrade in 2008 and another update in 2010.

Photography by Jeff Poissant, RGD
Promotional text written by Jeff Poissant, and edited by Kevin Burns
Food prepared by Heinz Kaswurm, Master Chef, owner of Georgian House Restaurant

Business Cards

As part of the promotional campaign for the Georgian House Restaurant & Day Spa, new business cards were designed and printed.

Key feature of the business card, the Spa can use it to identify when the next appointment is and for what service.

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