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by Jeff Poissant, RGD

Evolving Media & Design Inc. operates under the brand name Evolving Media. For over 25 years, our studio has been in business, working with entrepreneurs, businesses, governments, and organizations of all sizes to promote their products and services to an international clientele.

Our online portfolio showcases the assignments and case studies we have completed throughout the years, giving you a historical glimpse of our work.

Evolving Media is an investment. Anchored in tradition, Evolving in the present, looking forward to the future.

Portfolio - A Case Study Of Our Work

Unless indicated otherwise, all works presented in this portfolio were conceived, created, directed, written, developed, designed, photographed, illustrated, filmed, edited, managed, arranged to print, or hosted by Jeff Poissant, RGD, owner of Evolving Media & Design Inc., a multi-disciplined creative design studio in Eastern Ontario, Canada.

On rare occasions, we have used photos from UnSplash.com.

Editorial consultant:
Kevin Burns, owner of Seven Stories located in Ottawa, Ontario.

All Rights Reserved—copyright 1995 to 2024.


Evolving Media Community At Evolving Media & Design, Jeff Poissant believes passionately in giving back to the community. 2004, he moved his family to the Glengarry Area in Eastern Ontario. “My family and I considered establishing our roots in the region,” he says. “Our daughter was a newborn, so we

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Auberge Montebello

Auberge Montebello, Quebec Our Assignment To differentiate the Auberge Montebello from the competition in the immediate area by showcasing the best attributes of the business. To make the Auberge Montebello a day-trip destination To highlight other recreational activities in the area, such as the Montebello Marina or Parc Omega. To encourage people to

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The design, photography, content development, and layout of an Adult Restraining gear catalogue by Jeff Poissant, RGD of Evolving Media & Design Inc. for a manufacturer in Eastern, Ontario

For Adults Only

Evolving Media was commissioned to design a full-colour bilingual catalogue for a manufacturer of Adult Restraining gear in Eastern Ontario.

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The QNX Cookbook

Book Cover Design The QNX Cookbook In 2003, Rob Krten, a distinguished author in Ottawa, of The QNX Cookbook series, commissioned Evolving Media to design a new wrap-a-round book cover and CD-ROM Label for his new book; The QNX Cookbook, Recipes for Programmers After many cups of coffee discussing the

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DND National Defence, The Directorate of Honours and Recognition, Ribbons, Medals and Awards. Photographed, prepared, and designed three editions of a digital library used by media outlets and publishers around the world, by Jeff Poissant, RGD of Evolving Media & Design Inc. Worked with Major André Levesque and Project Officer Carl Gauthier at the time.


It was a real pleasure and an honour to be part of Canadian history. In 2002, Evolving Media & Design Inc. was commissioned to create the first digital library of the Orders, Decorations and Medals our brave Canadian Soldiers received for active peacekeeping and combat. We later created the second and third editions of the Orders, Decorations and Medals digital library too with the last edition in 2008.

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Photo of the work shop at Hubert Sabourin Inc. in Alexandria. Photo by Jeff Poissant, RGD. Images used on a website we designed and host at www.hubertsabourin.com.

Hubert Sabourin

Metal is our foundation HUBERT SABOURIN INC.—A Case Study It’s always a pleasure to work with a new business. Evolving Media & Design Inc.® was commissioned to not only take over the service from the Yellow Page Group but to design a new website, a marketing portal too. The assignment;

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Royal Spa

Evolving Media was commissioned to design a brochure for Spa Royal in Montebello, Quebec. The assignment required taking photos of the spa, writing the promotional text, and designing the brochure and website.

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Mill Pond, Alexandria, Ontario. Photo by Jeff Poissant, RGD.


Colonnade Security Inc. (CSI) is locally owned and operated by Carl Waddell, one of the most respected alarm installation company owners in Eastern Ontario, in business since 1981.

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Logo design by Jeff Poissant, RGD of Evolving Media & Design Inc. for ICCEES 10th World Congress at Concordia University in 2020, in Montreal, Quebec.

ICCEES 2020 Logo Design

From research to visual concepts, from thumbnail sketches to the client brief, from selecting and defining a colour scheme to developing a message. The final hand-illustrated image.

The art of logo design is unique to the client, the brand, the event; it’s about what the symbol says on its own or anchored with a wordmark.

— Jeff Poissant, RGD

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A photo of Robert Bob Hardy The Walker Runner, speed walking at the Toronto Marathon in October 2018 with his walker. Photo by Toronto Marathon, used on the website bobhardythewalkerrunner.com, designed and hosted by Evolvingmedia.com

The Walker Runner

The Maestro
Robert “Bob” Hardy story
It’s been more than ten years since I first met Robert Hardy in the lounge at the Georgian House Restaurant & Day Spa in Alexandria, Ontario. At the time, in 2008, Heinz Kaswurm, the restaurants’ owner and I were discussing how we could incorporate music into a video we were developing to promote the restaurant on their website.

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Biosafety Guidelines

Evolving Media was commissioned by Health Canada to design a new wrap-a-round book cover for the Laboratory Biosafety Guidelines, 3rd Edition, in English and French. Later, Health Canada ordered a third book cover in Russian for various Laboratories around the globe.

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Alexandria Festival of Lights

Alexandria Festival of Lights About the Festival The founder, Tom Gerlich, relocated from South Western Ontario where he co-chaired a Christmas light festival called “The Holiday Fantasy of Lights.” At the request of the “Alexandria & District Chamber of Commerce,” a presentation was made to the Town Council in November

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Apple Hill Quilting and Design in Cornwall, Ontario. Website design and hosting by Evolving Media and Design.


Apple Hill Quilting Monique Trudel is your go-to professional if you’re looking for an expert in traditional and modern quilting techniques. As the owner of Apple Hill Quilting and Designs in eastern Ontario, Monique is a proven award-winning designer; you can find her inside Giroux Sewing Centre in Cornwall where

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Design and development of a responsive website for Kitchens On Wheels Canada. Web hosting by EvolvingMedia.com.

Kitchens On Wheels Canada

Kitchens On Wheels Canada—A Case Study Our Assignment To design, develop, and host the website for Kitchens On Wheel Canada, To highlight the strengths of Kitchens On Wheel Canada in Eastern Ontario, To research, the competition and organizations within the mobile concession stand manufacturing space, To differentiate the facility from their

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Georgian House Restaurant

The Georgian House Restaurant & Day Spa—A Case Study Our Assignment To differentiate the Georgian House Restaurant & Day Spa from the competition in the immediate area by showcasing the best attributes of the business. To make the Georgian House Restaurant & Day Spa a day-trip destination To highlight other recreational

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Photo by Jeff Poissant, RGD, for the website designed and hosted by evolvingmedia.com. Visit alexandriaveterinaryclinic.com

Alexandria Veterinary Clinic

AlexandriaVeterinary Clinic—A Case Study At Evolving Media & Design, we’re fortunate to have amazing clients who’ve entrusted their service to Evolving Media for more than a decade. Janet Lalonde, owner of the Alexandria Veterinary Clinic, commissioned Jeff Poissant of Evolving Media in 2009 to create an online solution that enabled

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Desautels Foods

Aliments Desautels Foods Inc. Our Assignment To highlight the strengths of Aliments Desautels Foods Inc. in Eastern Ontario, To research the competition and organizations within the meat processing industry, To differentiate the facility from their competition in Ontario and Québec, To showcase their products on their site, To photograph the

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A photo from the Boca Lingerie Catalogue, provided by the distributer in Ontario when designing a pricing catalogue.

Lingerie Catalogue

Design a Lingerie catalogue for distributers —Live on the Edge​
An Adult consumer company commissioned Evolving Media to design and layout a new Pleasure Me lingerie catalogue with an adult toy and restraining gear insert in the middle.

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Design and development of a responsive website for The Polished Tooth. Web hosting by EvolvingMedia.com. Visit www.polishedtooth.ca

Polished Tooth

The Polished Tooth Our Assignment To reintroduce the Polished Tooth to the community of Alexandria, under the new ownership of Niki Lafontaine To transfer the domain name and hosting services to EvolvingMedia.com To review, edit, and add to the written content of the site To prepare images provided by Polished

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A boardwalk on the Garry Fen Trail, part of the Glengarry Trails in North Glengarry.

Friends of Glengarry Trails Association

Glengarry Trails Located in Alexandria, Ontario, Canada—A Case Study Full Disclosure Jeff Poissant was one of twelve directors for Friends of Glengarry Trails Association for ten years, The Outreach Committee, 2006 to 2016. During his ten-year tenure, Jeff developed and created a brand for the FGTA by designing; A new bilingual logo

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Agriculture Canada

Book Design | Agriculture Canada​ In the early days of Evolving Media, we worked with other design companies in the industry. One such design company subcontracted us to design and layout a series of books on Canadian Canola; One in English, one in French, and one version in Farci. Agriculture

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Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa

Cameron Highlandersof Ottawa —A Case Study Our Assignment To highlight the strengths of the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa in Ottawa, Ontario To encourage recruitment To showcase the Cameron Highlanders Museum located on site and open to the public To photograph the colours and other members in various poses for the recruitment

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Walk For Life

25KM Walker-Run GlenRobertson Sunday, April 5th. Our photo assignment was to photograph Bob Hardy as he completed a 22-mile walker-run at the Cornwall Civic Complex in Cornwall, Ontario. Bob phoned me at 10:30 am to cancel the session due to the closure of the running track that day. Fifteen minutes

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Directorate of History and Recognition

Book Cover DesignDirectorate of History and Recognition Government of CanadaNational Defence, Directorate of Honours and Recognition  In 2001, Evolving Media was commissioned to design a wrap-a-round book cover for an historical book titled “Canadian Military History Since the 17th Century. Proceedings of the Canadian Military History Conference, held in Ottawa the

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Designed an executive brochure for Building Technologies Inc. in Ottawa.

Building Technologies

A young company at the time, Building Technologies was at the forefront of networking, security, and delivering services to building owners and their tenants.

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Evolving Media Chronicles 2019 Edition Volume One Magazine Cover, Designed by Evolving Media & Design Inc.

Evolving Media Chronicles
Marketing without a plan is like navigating a maze, sometimes you get lost. That’s why you need a guide. Let Evolving Media help you as your strategic partner.

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