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The power of the

Rack card

— By Jeff Poissant, RGD

As a business owner, manager, executive, or volunteer at a non-profit organization, have you considered the power and opportunity of using rack cards to promote your product or service?

What is a rack card?
A standard rack card is four inches wide by nine inches high, full-colour, full-bleed, two-sides, coated and printed on heavy card stock. Depending on the number of rack cards you order, the final product may be delivered loose or bundled in 100’s.

But isn’t a rack card the same as a postcard?
No, these are two different products meant for various purposes. A postcard is available in varied sizes from three and a half by five inches, up to six by nine inches. A postcard usually uses full-colour, full-bleed, and coated on one side. The back of a postcard must follow the guidelines set by Canada Post.

On an item of Standard Lettermail, graphics or other printing shall not be located in the following zones:

  • All the areas to the right of the address block
  • All the areas below the address block
  • 19 mm high by 105 mm long, measured from the right edge along the bottom
  • In the area prescribed for postage.
  • Additional regulatory requirements apply to Standard Lettermail.

By comparison, a postcards intention is to facilitate mail to a recipient. Whereas, a rack card is meant to be displayed and picked up by a potential viewer.

A rack card is a great tool to use to promote your product or service in a local area. It’s tangible and can showcase or emphasize one product or three products. You can use a rack card to promote an exclusive deal, direct a potential client to your website or social media. It’s convenient, easily fits in a woman’s purse or a coat pocket.

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Published in Evolving Media Chronicles
Written by Jeff Poissant, RGD
Edited by Kevin Burns

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