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The Polished Tooth

Our Assignment

  • To reintroduce the Polished Tooth to the community of Alexandria, under the new ownership of Niki Lafontaine
  • To transfer the domain name and hosting services to EvolvingMedia.com
  • To review, edit, and add to the written content of the site
  • To prepare images provided by Polished Tooth for the website
  • To write promotional taglines to help draw or attract a potential client
  • To design a simple website that showcases what Polished Tooth can offer

What was involved
Our initial challenge was obtaining the domain name and content from the Yellow Page Group. We learned that they used a standard, readily available template for the dental industry for their website.

With permission, we modified the design and made it responsive for all smart devices. Selected a colour scheme that matched the branding of the Polished Tooth, then wrote a few taglines for the website.

For example
Playing with the health of your teeth and gums is not a game
The Polished Tooth Dental Hygiene Care answers a specific niche in the health and dental industry.

Images of the dental hygiene office were provided and edited for colour, contrast and subject matter; reflections in the mirror removed.

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