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The Sky

Isn't falling

—Part One

The security exploits may be similar to the Y2K problems that plagued the computer industry in 1999.

 Still in the quarter of the year and already we’re being reminded of the gluttony of malicious exploits in intel Processors, weak database infrastructure, the use of weak passwords, and inadequate security choices. The year is starting with an explosive start, what can we do? The security exploits may be similar to the Y2K problems that plagued the computer industry in 1999. The amount of money thrown around to patch the issue was insane – and yet, nothing happened. As daunting as the media is making the security threats to be, you just cannot ignore them. here are a few recommendations by evolving Media.

  1. Select two or three individuals to be responsible for the online security
    of your business,
  2. Make sure your site uses a proper SSL Security Certificate,
  3. Make sure your online presence uses complicated passwords with a minimum of twelve characters,
  4. Do not use the same password to log into each asset,
  5. Setup two-step authentication,
  6. Make sure your employees do not use facebook to access company resources,
  7. Establish a procedure for handling incoming e-mail (Do not click on a link from any unknown source).
  8. Make sure you setup your email client to take advantage of SSL Security Certificates. If your website does not have one, ask to use a shared SSL Certificate. Otherwise, visit evolvingmedia.com to order an SSL Security Certificate now.
What else can we do?
  1. Have weekly staff meetings to discuss system security and integrity. Use this time to train staff. hopefully, you will be able to prevent an occurrence.
  2. It’s highly recommended to install all security updates on your system and your smart devices.
  3. Establish a backup plan.
  4. Make sure the virus and malware definitions are up to date.
  5. Do you own a Mac? Then protect your Windows colleagues, scan your devices for viruses and malware. you may be surprised what you find.
  6. Have the system run diagnostics every night.

But I run a small business. So this will not happen to me?
Here are some hard facts to consider from other sources:

“Menlo Park, Calif. – May 18, 2017 Global ransomware damage costs predicted to exceed $5 billion in 2017, up from $325 million in 2015.

Published in Evolving Media Chronicles
Written by Jeff Poissant, RGD
Edited by Kevin Burns

ISSN 2562-5578 (Print)
ISSN 2562-5586 (Online)

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