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A photo from the Boca Lingerie Catalogue, provided by the distributer in Ontario when designing a pricing catalogue.
Book, Catalogue, and Magazine design

Lingerie Catalogue

Design a Lingerie catalogue for distributers —Live on the Edge​
An Adult consumer company commissioned Evolving Media to design and layout a new Pleasure Me lingerie catalogue with an adult toy and restraining gear insert in the middle.

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DND National Defence, The Directorate of Honours and Recognition, Ribbons, Medals and Awards. Photographed, prepared, and designed three editions of a digital library used by media outlets and publishers around the world, by Jeff Poissant, RGD of Evolving Media & Design Inc. Worked with Major André Levesque and Project Officer Carl Gauthier at the time.
Book, Catalogue, and Magazine design

DND Orders, Decorations and Medals

NATIONAL DEFENCEIt was a real pleasure and an honour to be part of Canadian history. In 2002, Evolving Media & Design Inc.® was commissioned to

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