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A photo from the Boca Lingerie Catalogue, provided by the distributer in Ontario when designing a pricing catalogue.
Book, Catalogue, and Magazine design

Lingerie Catalogue

Design a Lingerie catalogue for distributers —Live on the Edge​
An Adult consumer company commissioned Evolving Media to design and layout a new Pleasure Me lingerie catalogue with an adult toy and restraining gear insert in the middle.

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DND National Defence, The Directorate of Honours and Recognition, Ribbons, Medals and Awards. Photographed, prepared, and designed three editions of a digital library used by media outlets and publishers around the world, by Jeff Poissant, RGD of Evolving Media & Design Inc. Worked with Major André Levesque and Project Officer Carl Gauthier at the time.
Book, Catalogue, and Magazine design


It was a real pleasure and an honour to be part of Canadian history. In 2002, Evolving Media & Design Inc. was commissioned to create the first digital library of the Orders, Decorations and Medals our brave Canadian Soldiers received for active peacekeeping and combat. We later created the second and third editions of the Orders, Decorations and Medals digital library too with the last edition in 2008.

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