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Evolving Media is at our core a design studio. We design for print, the Internet, and we provide hosting packages for businesses and non-profit-organizations alike. At the production phase of the design process, we’ve gathered all the content, received the approvals, and now we’re ready to start.

“The cost to participate is time!” Everyone is talking about it; it seems everyone is using it; your children are adept at the many variations of Social Media provides. They Tweet, they “+,” Facebook, Digg, LinkedIn, YouTube, to name a few. Some social media tools are radical, some mainstream, yet all connected. The best part, to participate, is time.

The actual cost to set up and maintain any aspect of social media for use in marketing your business, your non-profit organization, or your association is time. In addition to the device (smartphone, tablet, notebook or computer) you may use to access the Internet and administer your social media identity.

At Evolving Media, we’ll help you set up the accounts, integrate the pages into a website, promotional material, signage, whatever you require to get the word out. Evolving Media will assist in creating social media policies, provide basic guidelines to staff members, explain what type of content is appropriate to post on social media sites, and an overview of the privacy and legal issues.

Our starting point is the recognition that every project, like every business, is unique.

At Evolving Media, we focus on client/team collaboration, offering a range of creative business services to enhance your marketing and communication needs.

Typical uses of graphic design include;

  • Identity (logos, branding, stationery, signs),
  • Products (product packaging, labels, video),
  • Publications (magazines, newspapers, books, trade journals),
  • Marketing (print advertisements, posters, website design, presentations),
  • Entertainment (games, movies, bands, theatre, musical events),
  • Multilingual,
  • Exhibit Marketing (banner signs, trade show booths, POP displays, digital displays, video presentations).

From domain registration and eye-catching website design to reliable hosting, consulting and maintenance services.

Take advantage with Evolving Media by using the latest technologies, because we’re future-proofing your brand.

“In the early days, a website was coded by hand, using complex programming and software to achieve the simplest of results.”

At Evolving Media, we have been developing user interfaces (the look and feel) and company websites, since before the term Internet was “invented”—Managing both the front-end and the back-end of the service with our boutique-style hosting packages.

Evolving Media develops websites using open source standards and updated frameworks (HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript, to name a few). Your site will be accessible regardless of the operating system, web browser or mobile device you or your clients are using.

If you wish to manage your website yourself, we employ a number of Content Management Solutions.

The freedom is yours.

Do you have an existing website? You can host your services with us (billed monthly, semi-annually, or annually) and receive maximum bandwidth, which allows your site to grow, even as you control your costs.

Evolving Media Chronicles 2019 Edition Volume One Magazine Cover, Designed by Evolving Media & Design Inc.

Evolving Media Chronicles
Marketing without a plan is like navigating a maze, sometimes you get lost. That’s why you need a guide. Let Evolving Media help you as your strategic partner.

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