Alexandria Veterinary Clinic

Photo Session: Friday, August 2, 2019, at 9:15 AM
Client: Dr. Jacqui Wignall
Purpose: Select images to be used on the refresh of the marketing portal.
Photographer: Jeff Poissant

Select an image to view a larger version of the file.

Only three images are edited for colour, detail, and file size. Have a look at the pictures below, select the ones you would like to use on the site. Make a note of the file number, send a copy of the image for comparison.

For effectiveness, display of images should be in three’s, five’s, seven’s or nine’s, if a gallery is not used.

Some photos may appear dark, or underexposed. This is normal to ensure detail in the shadows is not lost. Once the image is edited, the colours will be rich and vibrant.

Enjoy your day.

Thank you.


Non-edited photos