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Apple Hill Quilting

Monique Trudel is your go-to professional if you’re looking for an expert in traditional and modern quilting techniques. As the owner of Apple Hill Quilting and Designs in eastern Ontario, Monique is a proven award-winning designer; you can find her inside Giroux Sewing Centre in Cornwall where she offers long-arm quilting services, custom quilt patterns and in-person or virtual workshops.

With over thirty years of experience, Monique is a true visionary, renowned for her stunning long-arm quilting designs, pattern designs, and her ability to inspire others to take up the craft. As a published author and experienced educator, Monique dedicates herself to sharing her knowledge and helping others achieve their quilting dreams. Whether you’re a beginner, an experienced quilter, or a seasoned professional, Monique’s expertise and passion for the craft will inspire you to create beautiful and unique quilts.

Our Assignment
  • To transfer the domain name and hosting services to evolvingmedia.com,
  • To redesign the website from scratch,
  • To better implement an e-commerce component to the site whereby Monique can update and make changes herself,
  • To highlight the strengths of Apple Hill Quilting, located in Cornwall, Ontario,
  • To research the competition and organizations within the quilting industry,
  • To differentiate the business from their competition in Ontario and Québec,
  • To showcase their products and services on their site,
  • To ask Apple Hill Quilting to provide photographs and videos of their business,
  • To write promotional copy to create the hook, the call to action,
  • To offer guidance as we worked as a team.
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